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Marketing Strategy2020 Digital: Investing in Results

2020 Digital: Investing in Results

Of companies using digital marketing today, almost half have no digital marketing strategy in place — no plan, no way of measuring results. To me, this seems crazy! Within the world of digital marketing we now have access to incredible tools — and great opportunities exist for those who are willing to invest to achieve results.

Today, everything can be tracked; every click, every keystroke quantified. Not only can we track results, not only can we relate marketing outcomes to defined goals—but we should and we do: Always optimizing audience targeting, image, text and offer. Always seeking the edge to maximize reach and minimize cost. Always measuring results against the bottom line.

That said, a purely data-driven strategy is not enough. Great marketing and great results are still driven by the value, quality and (dare I say it) passion present in the content being delivered. Small businesses—sole proprietorships, the classic mom & pop—that are willing to put their hearts on the line—have an advantage over larger more sophisticated operations. 

Bringing the two pieces together, data and passion, is a potent strategy, and the foundation for building a formidable brand.