Build and Tune


We refer to Positioning as a bold act of creation! It clarifies, differentiates and unambiguously plants the flag. It helps our clients communicate their passion, vision and mission across the entire sales funnel—optimizing lead generation and sales.


This is the “running hot wires into the brains and heart of the organization” part of the deal! Walden takes a deep dive into the company to understand offers, value propositions and the sweet spot in terms of sales and ideal customer.

We audit and report on the existing presence in the digital—how that shows up in messaging, on platforms and technically.

We recommend action—both remedial and new initiatives—that moves our clients toward better fit customers and more profitable engagements

Planning—the “Marketing Machine”

Based on the Assessment and the resulting recommendations we provide a plan for specific actions, technologies, platforms and executions. Planning defines budget, duration and the measures of success.

We also act on the plans we develop—providing implementation either directly or through our network of providers—scaled according to scope, budget and need.

Advisory Services

Basic retainer engagements for access. Specifically structured engagements priced to fit.