Agency of One: How did we get here?

Power Nap is a Podcast focused on a range of topics relevant to Freelancers, Agencies and Entrepreneurs in the tech and creative spaces. On this episode Laurie Stretch and I talk about the ins and outs of running a creative agency as a solo-preneur—what’s been called an Agency of One. CLICK TO LISTEN

Road to Nowhere

It borders on trite, at this point, to remark upon the positive impact of tech on our lives. The Internet has become the place where—increasingly—communication, entertainment, commerce and business happens. In this context, it is easy to become enamored of the potential and power of the platforms and the apps, the tools and the data […]

YES, NO & MAYBE: three words that diagnose lead quality

There are really only 3 possible responses to a request or proposal—to accept (yes), to decline (no), or to counter-offer (renegotiate).  While this way of framing is broadly applicable (I even use it with my kids), it can be a fundamental eye-opener for sales and marketing in the realm of product and professional services companies. […]


As business owners and entrepreneurs, we are often saddled with the myth that we are the job creators—the little engines that grow the economy.  I would like to suggest that we take that on—not just as a talking point—but really live in it. Begin now to work on creating the path forward—even if we’re standing […]

Navigating the Chaos of Now

With very few exceptions, we have been blindsided by this virus and its impact on our lives and work. Every signal we’re receiving now says: retract, cut expenses, hunker down and wait. As points of reference we have the chaos of what’s happening now and how stuff used to be—y’know, back in January. In this […]

The Black Swan of 2020

Novel Coronavirus and the related COVID-19 is clearly a Black Swan event of unprecedented scale and scope. Regardless of how we respond individually — as communities, cities, states and countries — we are in the midst of a vast and unexpected transformation that will reshape us in ways we can’t anticipate or imagine.  As a […]

2020 Digital: Investing in Results

Of companies using digital marketing today, almost half have no digital marketing strategy in place — no plan, no way of measuring results. To me, this seems crazy! Within the world of digital marketing we now have access to incredible tools — and great opportunities exist for those who are willing to invest to achieve […]