About Walden

The Path to Purpose

For business, purpose can have many meanings. In its most pared-back form, it is the expression of a basic mission, independent of financial results.

That mission can be as fundamental and prosaic as, “We improve people’s health and happiness through dentistry,” to something aiming for the highest social good, “End poverty worldwide.”

In either case (and in all the cases in between) the underlying business must be strong or it’s nothing more than an expensive, altruistic hobby.

Purpose, not profit, is the organizing principle for the business. It is the lens through which every aspect of the business, including profit earned, makes sense.

John Walden

For over 20 years, John has worked in fields as diverse as advertising, multimedia, robotics and community organizations, in roles ranging from customer service, business administration, organizational communication and business leadership, including his most recent role as CEO at MySalesButler.

Through his professional experiences, John has worked with a diverse range of people, many of whom he has built deep relationships with. John believes that every person is valid and their lived experience is to be honored. Working with John, you will receive his commitment to active listening without judgment, which serves as the foundation to his work with every client, in every engagement.

Prior to launching the Walden Agency, John lived in New York City, San Diego, Pittsburgh and Tepoztlán (in Mexico’s central highlands). John received an MFA from UC San Diego and early in his professional career began to apply his creative talents and critical thinking in the business realm.

When John’s not busy working with clients for positive impact he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and their two boys in Grand Junction, Colorado. A lover of nature, John likes to make art, hike and run in the desert, and enjoys reading analytic psychology texts and science fiction—with his cat.

The Agency

The Walden Agency helps leaders and founders of small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits create positive change for people & the planet.

In service of that, Walden provides business strategy consulting services, including brand positioning, business modeling, via workshops, & mentoring, advisory services and retainer-based business strategy consulting engagements.

The Walden Agency was founded in the spring of 2020 by John Walden, an entrepreneur and digital marketer in the high desert of western Colorado, working with clients in and out of Colorado—wherever there’s a need—both online and IRL.